After quitting the corporate world, my relentless journey of rewriting my own self image led me to studying clinical Neuro – Com Behavioural Science and becoming a qualified psychotherapist, and later starting my own coaching business “The Mind Treadmill” sharing this amazing knowledge with other busy professionals.

Through my speaking and training, you’ll discover how EVERYTHING we do is connected to our Self-Image – get access to the REAL Power needed to unlock the key to Emotional Freedom… and get ‘OUT’ of conflict, both personally and professionally.

Here’s a small sample of what I help others to discover…

How do we create true happiness, what is it?

Is it the fundamental core of what most people want OR need?

How do I create permanent positive change?

The Mind Treadmill — Create a New Powerful Self- Image

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I will provide powerful methods of reprogramming thought, behaviour and emotional reactions driven by these programmed unconscious memory systems, to dramatically improve self-image, relationships and success in all areas of life.

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