Your personal shortcut to a radically fantastic life – it’s much closer than you think!

I LOVE working with people one-on-one each year, and I have to say I love love love the magical unlocking that moves them to a whole new happier life.

Want to be one of them?

Your only ever one decision away from making PURE Happiness an actually “thing” for you. Shining Bright can be a way of life.p

You’re pre – cognitive commitment is the key to understanding your programs, habits and thought patterns that have become self – sabotaging or are they just plain suck! – and that keep you trapped in a life that is nothing less than the awesome, passion-filled, super connected, healthy happy radiant one you deserve.

What I have found over years of coaching and mentoring is that the route to happiness might be winding but it doesn’t have to be long. There are so many smart shortcuts – identifying your thought patterns and habits that keep you stuck – that smart people are running unconsciously that is keeping them separate from experiencing real happiness in their life.

I will show you HOW and will teach you to understand WHY?

Whether it’s a career switch that’s bugging you, the fact you are not living your passion (and you don’t even know what it is!); that your relationship might have gone a bit wonky or your health is suffering, you are exhausted and life is feeling like a never ending grind. All these issues have the same cause – we are running our pre-programmed patterns of thought and behaviour that are causing us to feel unhappy and that we have lost our way.

Understand & Learn the fastest way I know to connect you with the full, fun, happy, healthy life that is just waiting for you to catch up to it.

Why you?

Because I know you have had enough of feeling life is a bit “meh”, feeling “stuck” or that life should be “more” in some way, “better”.
That life might look “fine”, just fine, on the outside but it sure as hell doesn’t feel like that on the inside! And you know you deserve better.
Because you are ready. Ready to upgrade your software. Ready to upgrade your health. Your happiness. Your life.

When? And where?
If you are ready — I am ready for you. 
If you are in Melbourne you can come work with me just 30 minutes from the CBD. – OR Out Of Town – fear not, me and my beautiful rural and international clients make magic over Skype or phone. Got an internet connection? We’re all set.

What you give in exchange?

Commitment — To our work together To yourself, To The Future You. To following through on your transformational tools and insights. To stepping up into the fabulous happy life that awaits you.

Personal Wealth Coaching is quite honestly the greatest investment in yourself you can make. An intense period of personal growth that will open up a completely new chapter of your life.
It’s an investment in YOU that will last FOREVER

“I’ve learned more about myself in the last 3 months than in my last 59 years on the planet!” – Adrian M – Your first step to your happiest life starts here!

Don’t Listen to that listen voice saying Why You – Why NOT YOU?

What you get?
What do you want shortcuts to happiness on, gorgeous face?

Career unfunness or confusion / I Can’t Find My Passion (where is it hiding?)

Relationship Stuckiness – trickiness with family, friends or significant other

Your Self – Image Food Blueprint + generally run down + life work balance overwhelm

I just feel kinda “stuck” and not very happy

All of the above – I WANT It ALL