About Natalie


After 22 years as a senior sales and marketing professional in the Corporate World, I decided I had to escape, and consequently did some serious work on my self-image and why did it seem that I had no control over my life or where I was going.

My fascination with the mind had always been there and what even excited me more was understanding how our conscious and unconscious mind works,  this led me to becoming a Qualified Behavioral Psychotherapist.

I started my own clinical practice and mind wealth coaching business.  I started working with busy men and women, helping them get their zest & love for life back through understanding you’re own self-image and how limiting beliefs, values and programming can affect all YOU and all of your relationships

I have now combined all my years of knowledge and experience and share it one on one with my private consultations — as well as through my tailored workshops designed to help people better their lives, release negative patterns, and increase overall health, vitality and well-being — for life!

Here’s a small sample of what I help others to discover…

1) Why You’re Feeling That Your Life Is A Permanent Treadmill — and HOW to Fix it

2) Learn Why SELF-HELP/ RELATIONSHIP/ MOTIVATIONAL/ WEIGHT-LOSS Books Do NOT Work Long – Term – and Discover – What the Real Solution is

3) Step By Step – Learn How Your Pre – Programmed Value Systems drive your Behaviour — And How To Change Them PERMANENTLY

4) How To Quickly Identify “Your Professional CEILING Patterns” – and how to rewire them for increased financial results

5) Learn What YOUR Success Beliefs Are — Are They Working For You — Or Against You — & Are You Where You REALLY WANT To BE?

6) Learn How Your VALUE FOOD BLUEPRINT – affects your Self-Image – and how to fully fuel your entire body/brain for OPTIMAL Energy

Natalie’s processes are ‘game changing’ in terms of improving my self image & confidence, my results were dramatic,“I’ve learned more about myself in the last 3 months than in my 42 years on the planet!” Adrian

About my workshops/programs

Melbourne & Perth https://nataliedwyerwest.org/Get-The-Girl-Melbourne

Private coaching please contact me at nataliedwyerwest@bigpond.com